Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Survived Super Bowl XLV!

Well, I just got home from the party and I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself. I ate some things today that I don't normally eat, but I didn't get out of control with it. I fixed myself one plate, like I planned! I had just a little taste of the things that I wanted and then had a snickerdoodle cookie and half a brownie. I drank water the whole time -- 4 bottles, I think. I probably should have either had the cookie or had the brownie, and not had both, but oh well.

I had a good workout before the party. 30 mins on the AMT and 30 mins on the elliptical, so that should help make up for the eating today.  :)

I'll list what I ate today, but I'll have to estimate on the calories for everything at the party - I'll over estimate just to be safe.

Breakfast:  Grits w/ Laughing Cow Cheese and a sprinkle of bacon bits, green grapes   230 cals

Snack:  Pretzels w/ Hummus   145 cals

Lunch:  Sandwich (Orowheat Sandwich Thin w/ one slice of turkey breast, Laughing Cow cheese wedge, sundried tomatoes)   187 cals

Superbowl Party:

Chicken breast w/ hot wing sauce, a few tortilla chips w/ cheese dip, veggies w/ ranch dip, a few crackers w/ dip, 1/2 brownie, snickerdoodle cookie, handful of mixed nuts  

Estimated Calories:   880 ??

Dinner:  Chicken Teriyaki Frozen Dinner   330 cals


Ok, so hopefully my estimation was pretty close. I'm just happy that I stayed under 2000 calories today.  I ate more calories than normal, but it looks like I am also going to burn more calories than usual since right now I've already reached my goal of 3100 and I still have 2.5 hours in the day!! Today shouldn't cause me to gain weight, so I will still be on track to reach my goal. I'll just keep drinking lots of water until bedtime tonight to flush out all the salt from today's tasty treats!

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