Friday, June 24, 2011

My No-So-Fat Jeans have officially come out of retirement....

I can't call them "skinny" jeans...still along way away from that, but I haven't been able to wear these jeans in like 4 YEARS!!!!! I'm super excited that I didn't get rid of them...I guess I must have known I'd be able to wear them again! :)   So, I've now lost a total of 31 pounds (17.8 of those since starting TSFL)....wooooooohooooo!!!! I've got a few pairs of "fat pants" that I will be throwing need to hang on to those!!

Don't have a lot of time to write this morning...I promise the next post will be much better! :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

TSFL - Week 3

Ohhhhhhh myyyyyyy gossssshhhhhhh! Today was my third weigh-in day since I started Take Shape for Life and it was a really, really good one!!!! I lost a little over 5 lbs this week so that brings my total to 15.8 since starting the program and almost 30 lbs total since January (I'm like .2 lbs shy of 30...I'll round up)!!!!!!! I am so excited and I know that this is going to be the thing that works for me!

I've been off my blog for a little while, so I'll sum up the last few days.

Over the weekend, I went to the beach, which usually for me means too much laying around and excessive consumption of junk food and alcohol. This time was way different! I stuck to my Medifast plan and stayed active the whole time. I rode my bike off and on, all day Saturday (about 20 miles) and the rode another 10 miles on Sunday. It feels really awesome not wasting a weekend laying around being lazy. :)

Something I've started to notice is how much my cravings have changed. Sure, if I see a cookie or smell pizza I think about how good it would taste, but the foods that I crave lately are healthy foods....crazy -- never thought that would happen...

Okay, so this week's workouts have be great so far. Monday we did part of our workout outside...which was kind of crazy since it was about 100 degrees (I literally felt like I was being baked in an oven), then we moved inside to finish up with some boxing and abs. Yesterday's workout was awesome! It was called:

"We're Going Streakinggggggg!!!"

Almost an hour of spin + that workout = massive calorie burn and extreme exhaustion!

So, diet and workout-wise, it's been a great week! Another clothes are fitting better...some are even too big! Woohoo!!!! Soooooooooooo, that means I will be in need of some major shopping....soon!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

10 Pounds Down!

Well, actually 10.4 lbs, to be exact! Week two was great...I lost 4.8 lbs! So, since I started Medifast I've lost a little over 10 lbs and I've lost a total of 24lbs since January!!! Yay!!! I'm so excited and I'm actually starting to see the difference myself...that's always a good feeling. My clothes are fitting so much better and my face isn't in a constant state of "swollen."

Haley and I had a good workout yesterday - we did a repeat of "You Better Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself." (see previous blog posts). For the rest of the week, I'm on my own for workout buddy/trainer/life coach is out of town. :(   Good news is that she is going to send me instructions for my workouts everyday while she is gone.

So, this week has been a great one so far...I'm looking forward to that next 10 lbs. and the next...and the get the picture...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!

So, I've been on Medifast for about a week and a half and I am really starting to notice a difference. I've lost about 7 lbs now and I feel great! I wake up easier in the morning and have more energy throughout the day. I also notice a big difference in my workouts...I'm sure this is a combination of me eating better and getting in better shape. Haley and I worked out on Friday (workout: "Vision Quest")...we had done this workout about 2 weeks ago and it was much easier this time around -- don't tell her I said that ;). It was the first day that I have really felt like I'm getting in better shape! I am actually starting to look forward to working out...or at least I look forward to the feeling I have after my workout is done!  This morning I went for a bike ride to get my exercise in for the day...rode almost 12 miles! 

Overall, it was a good weekend and I'm looking forward to a great week! 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Week 1 is done!

I lost 5.6 lbs!!! Woohoo! So, that means that I've lost most of what I had gained back over the past few months. I'm back down to 20 lbs lost since January! Haley and I haven't worked out together this week, so we are getting back to the gym today and doing "A Combination of Fergie and Jesus" for our workout (see post: Yesterdays-Oh-So-Painful-Workout). My soreness has gone away, so it looks like it's time to bring it back! :)