Friday, February 11, 2011

Finally Friday...

107 days left in my 118 day challenge...45 pounds left to go! I still need to lose 2 pounds by this Sunday if I want to reach my weekly goal...better work hard this weekend. :)

I've got two weekends of out-of-town trips coming up, which in the past meant "diet goes out the window..." because it doesn't count if your out of your area code, right? Seriously, my logic was so messed up. So, those two weekends will be challenging, but I am determined to stay on track. The first trip is a girls weekend at a ranch near Austin...we'll be doing some shopping, and relaxing...that's pretty much it. I'm going to bring my Wii w/ Just Dance & Just Dance 2, so we can have some fun and get exercise at the same time. Because we are staying in a house, we won't have to eat out for all of our meals, so that should make things a lot easier. The following weekend, I'm headed to New Orleans with my friend Stephanie, to go have some Mardi Gras fun! This is where I'm going to really be tested. I know New Orleans means a lot of yummy food and yummy drinks and I know I'll be eating foods that are higher in calories and enjoying some drinks too...but my plan is to keep it as healthy as possible and to make sure and do a lot of walking...which means I'll probably need to do A LOT of shopping to make sure that happens!  :) 

Like I've said before, this is no longer a "diet" for me -- it is a complete life change. If I am going to be able to do this forever, I have to be realistic about things and realize that there will be times that will challenge me...there will be times where I'll need to increase my exercise to combat eating over my calorie limit...there will be times that I do not see that number on the scale go down...there will be temptations...there will be times when I give into that temptation...but even better, there will be many times that I will NOT give in to that temptation! Vacations and weekend getaways will always be challenging, but as long as I stay aware of what I am eating and don't go overboard, I'll survive! :)


  1. Your going to have a blast on your trips!!! I've never been to Orleans... I'm needing to look for low cal. drinks here soon. I'll let you know if I find some good ones. We are taking a trip next month for a long weeked, and the pool, drinks, and food all on the agenda!!

  2. New Orleans is sooo much know, if you are into eating and! I try to stick to either wine, rum and diet coke, or vodka & club soda if I'm going to be drinking, but it'll be hard to stay away from those yummy Hurricane's in New Orleans. :)