Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A better morning...

Well, the scale was a little nicer this morning. I've lost 2 of the 4 pounds that I somehow managed to gain in ONE DAY! I'm still going to chalk this up to water weight...and maybe my body just adjusting to all of the changes that I've made lately.

I'm on day 2 of the 7 Day Chip, and I just had my breakfast...so far, so good!

Going to Zumba again tonight and will probably do some more cardio afterwards. Because of my weight gain, I need to lose 5 pounds this week instead of 3...ughh...we'll see how that goes. If I don't make it, I'm sure it'll all even out next week. I'm going to try to top my best calorie burning day that I have had since using the BodyBugg - 3797 calories! I would like to reach 4000 at least one day a week - or at least shoot for that number. :)

110 days left in my 118 Day Challenge!

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  1. Your on the right track for your 7 Day Chip!