Sunday, January 23, 2011

Making Progress!

Today was a better day. I had my moments, but overall, it was better than yesterday. I went to workout tonight and did about 35 minutes of cardio. I was wanting to do at least an hour but after the weekend I've had I was feeling a little drained so I'm really proud of myself for going at all. I ate breakfast and lunch at my parents today...breakfast was a pillsbury crescent roll with 1/4 slice a bacon and a little sliver of pepper jack cheese and lunch was a salad, small bbq'd chicken breast and a small serving of baked beans. (Just a sidenote, after lunch I totally kicked everyone's butt in Scrabble.)

 For dinner, I made an egg white omelet with spinach, fat free feta, and a chopped up thin slice of turkey lunch meat. It was yummy and I found the best thing ever for portion control dessert tonight!

This whole cup has only 150 calories!

All in all, today was pretty successful. I got some exercise, ate healthy and stayed within my calorie allowance, and the biggest news of all....drumroll please.....


So, super excited!!! My goals this week are to workout at least 4 days, stay within my calorie allowance, drinks lots of water and hopefully drop another 3-4 lbs! I'm going to take progress pictures for every 10 lbs. lost. My first picture that I posted was after I had already lost 9 lbs, so now I have lost an additional 4 lbs....after 6 more, I will post another pic! 


  1. Awesome Job Girl!!!!! Keep it up!!!!!

  2. So after reading your progress, you have inspired me! Thank you Cherice!