Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good Morning!

The day has started off good so far! Still no "before" picture...I'll have to take it tonight instead. I've decided to set mini-goals every few days so today's mini-goal is to drink five 20oz. bottles of water! One down, four more to go! I've tried to elminate drinking any of my calories, so no sodas or juices - not even diet. I know there are no calories in diet drinks, but I hear they make you crave sugar so I'm going to cut those out as much as possible and just drink water. I've done great so far, with the exception of last weekend.

I'll be having lots of you, H20, from now on...

Good news for today - I'm not feeling near as hungry as I was yesterday. I guess all of the junk I ate this weekend, is getting out of my system now. I had a delicious breakfast this morning; Michaelina's Lean Gourmet Breakfast Muffin and a 60 calorie Dannon yogart.
So yummy...I always want to eat the second muffin that comes in the box, but the serving size says one muffin, so that's what I eat!

I just had a mid-morning snack too...8 baby carrots and a Laughing Cow cheese wedge.

If you like cheese, you will LOVE this!

So, I'm off to a good start today...woohoo! I've got my BodyBugg on and plan to really step up my calorie burn today (since I didn't quite reach it yesterday). My goal is to burn 3200 cals per day - which I have managed to exceed almost everyday, so if I come up short every now and then, it's ok. Just have to work a little harder today. So far, I've burned a little over 1000 calories since midnight! :)


  1. Great Job Cherice! Keep up the good work.

  2. Congrats Cherice! I know you are going to do great! I really need to get me a BodyBugg.. where did you say you got it again?

  3. I ordered my bodybugg from qvc. It came with a 12 month subscription to the website too!