Friday, January 28, 2011

Girls Night Out

So, tonight I went to dinner and a movie with some friends that I have not seen in a very LONG time! It was lots of fun and I am so glad that I went. I tried my best to stay on track tonight and I think I did a fairly good job. Here's how it went...

When I got to the restaurant we had to wait on our table, so we sat at the bar for awhile. My plan was to either have a glass of wine or a rum and diet coke...I knew I would want to have a drink, so I figured either one of these would be the best choice. Well...I didn't exactly make the best choice at this point of the night. Instead of making a good calorie-conscience choice, I opted to order a mega-fruity, jumbo margarita - that came with an extra shot of some sort of margarita flavored tequila. I know that drink was probably loaded with calories, but I did keep my calorie consumption very low throughout the day, so I didn't worry about it too much. When we sat down to eat, we ordered some spinach dip to share. I had a little bit of it, but I tried not to over do it. I probably had about 8 tortilla chips and about 2 tablespoons of the dip...not too bad. For dinner I ordered the Key Lime Chicken and Shrimp (served on a bed of rice). It came with two sides, so I chose the steamed broccoli and the green beans. Now, normally I would have devoured the entire plate...maybe leave a bite or two, you know, so I wouldn't look like a pig...but tonight, I ate about half of my plate - maybe even a little less. I can't say the same for my drink though...I finished that off before my food got to the table....and then ordered a second one...what can I say - I've had a rough week. ;)  The good news is that we had to leave to make it to the movie on time before I could even finish a forth of it!

Okay, so my normal routine at the movies is to get a large Diet Coke (because I try to save some calories somewhere - even when I was being a total fat kid) and a  BIG bucket of popcorn - with extra butter - sometimes I would even get some candy, in case I needed dessert after I inhaled my salty snack. But tonight, I made much smarter choices. Instead of getting soda, I opted for a large bottled water...and I totally ignored the bag of Peanut M&Ms that were calling my name. " me....I'm soooo know you wanna...." Instead, I got a bag of Welch's Fruit Snacks and ate about 5-6 pieces before I realized that I wasn't really hungry for them and was just eating them because I always eat junk at the movies. So, I put the nearly full bag of fruit snacks back in my purse and enjoyed my bottled water and the movie!

I'm not sure of my calorie count for today because, honestly, I have no clue how to figure out the number of calories in my drink. I had about 700 calories left for the day before I went to dinner and I think it is safe to say that I went over that number - because of my beverage. BUT, I did reach my calorie burn goal, so unless I ate over 3170 calories today (which I know I did not) , I shouldn't gain any weight.

Tomorrow morning, I'm going to wake up and go to the gym - try to sweat off some of the damage from tonight. I may even hang out in the sauna for awhile - a little extra sweating couldn't hurt. :)


Breakfast: Oatmeal     130 cal

Snack:  100 calorie bag of popcorn      100 cal

Lunch: Fruit and Yogurt Parfait (McDonald's)      160 cal

Snack:   carrot sticks and Laughing Cow cheese wedge       70 cal

Dinner (all of this is kind-of a guessing game using the BodyBugg website):
              Big-ol-Margarita   800 cal (Yikes! This is what the website says for 1.5 cups of Margarita!)
              Tortilla Chips       70 cal
              Spinach Dip          80 cal
              Chicken Breast (3 oz.)    140 cal
              Shrimp  (6)                       45 cal
              Green Beans  (1/4 cup)    11 cal
              Broccoli  (1/2 cup)           12 cal
              Rice   (1/4 cup)                55 cal
              Butter   (1 Tbsp)              27 cal
              Cooking Oil  (1 Tbsp)    120 cal

**I'm not sure if all of the portion sizes are correct - I probably over-estimated on some. Also, I added the calorie counts for butter and oil because I know it was used to cook the food.

Movie Snack:  Welch's Fruit Snack    33 cal


Hopefully the number that I came up with is pretty close. I highly doubt that I underestimated by over 1000 calories.


  1. You're being true to yourself and that's what counts! I think you're on the right track - I need to do the same. You're motivating me to get my weight off. As of this morning, I weigh only about 10 lbs less than I did when Hilary was born (I weighed about 10 lbs more than that when you were born) therefore, I need to lose about 20 lbs....maybe I'll join your challenge and try to lose it by your birthday too since that's right around Memorial Day....just in time for swimsuit season - ugh!

  2. Thanks Mom! I'm starting it on Monday, so feel free to join me!