Monday, January 17, 2011

So, I guess I'm a blogger now...

   Well, I just came back from a great weekend with Todd in New Orleans, unfortunately, it was not so great for my diet. I got a BodyBugg about a week ago, started exercising daily and counting my calories. It's been going great...when I weighed myself on Friday I had already lost 9 lbs! Super-duper excited about that!! Anyway, spending a few days in the yummy city of New Orleans could easily kill anyone's diet and it definitely got the best of me this time. So, I'm sittin' here in my living room, feeling a little guilty about my lack of will power so early on, but still determined to get back on the wagon tomorrow, and I see this article on Yahoo about bloggers who have lost weight.

Feel free to read it if you want...I'll give the Cliff Notes version. Basically, all of these people blogged about their weight loss journey. Blogging about their good days, bad days, and ups and downs of dieting, helped to keep them motivated and also added the factor of accountability by knowing that people were reading about their progress. So, after reading the article, I figured I would give the blogging thing a try too.

I will be posting daily updates about what I'm doing, how I'm feeling, what I'm eating...all that good stuff. I hope people read it, but if they don't I won't really know. I'm just going to tell myself that 1000's of people are viewing my blog everyday - so I better stay on track!

As of right now, I will not post my starting weight...this is not an episode of The Biggest Loser - I don't need it to be public knowledge just yet ;)  I will, however, post how many pounds I lose...and when I get to a weight that I'm not embarrassed about, then mayyyyyyybe I'll post what I started out promises though!

Oh, in case anyone is wondering what a BodyBugg is, check it out:

It is awesome and I absolutely love mine! I just wear this thing around the top of my arm (all day and night, except when I shower) and the watch tells me how many calories I've burned - not just when I work out, but how many I burn doing anything - sleeping, eating, sitting, standing - EVERYTHING! You keep a food log on the website, recording all nutritional info from everything you eat or drink. Just make sure you burn more calories than you're taking in and like magic, the pounds start falling Common sense, right? Not sure why, in my whole life, I haven't been able to figure this concept out.  Anyway, the BodyBugg is not doing anything for me, it's just making me aware of what my body is doing and what I am doing to it.

Ok, so that's my first post, people! I'll see ya tomorrow!

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