Sunday, January 30, 2011

Things I have realized...

I know I am at the beginning of this long journey to lose weight and get healthy, but there are some things that I have realized about myself that I think are key to being successful.

1) I have used food to comfort myself in the past.

2) Eating bad foods, temporarily make me feel better when I am stressed or upset (very temporarily).

3) In the past, I have not committed to making exercise and staying active, a part of my everyday life.

4) I have not put myself first.

5) I have lost focus on my health and my appearance.

6) I cannot lose weight and keep it off by going on a "diet"

7) Eating healthy is not something that only has to be done while losing weight.

8) Maintaining my weight loss will be more challenging than losing the weight itself.

9) I will NEVER be able to gorge on pizza, hamburgers, chocolate cake or candy, on a regular basis.

10) I will NEVER be happy being fat - no matter how happy I appear to be.

So these are just some things that are going through my mind today. From now on, I am not on a "diet"...I am changing my life and my relationship with food and exercise.


  1. I'm soo proud of you! This is the first time you are really doing this the right way and doing it for yourself, not because everyone else is pushing you too. I know you are going to be so successful on this journey. I am always here for you. I love you so much!

  2. Thanks! I feel like I am definitely on the right track this time. I want this to be the last time that I do this! Love You!

  3. Gosh Cherice, I think you are there! In the past 3 years since I have known you, this last month you have really impressed me with your attitude and your encouragement is infectious! I am so happy with what you have accomplished so far and I will be so excited to see you reach ALL your goals!

  4. Awwww, thanks Julie! This blogging thing has been so good for me - I'm glad it is inspiring others along the way! :)

  5. I love this post girl! It is so true for so many of us! Food is always been my comfort at times when I didn't want to deal with whatever was at hand. But your right you cant just DIET it has to be a lifestyle change. RIght there with ya girl!

  6. Thanks Tabatha! It's taken me a longgggg time to accept that this will be a forever-change, but now that I have accepted it, I feel like I can finally get this weight off! :)