Saturday, January 22, 2011

Empty Stomach...

Because of everything that has happened today, I haven't had much of an appetite. When the break-up happened, I hadn't even had breakfast yet...needless to say, I never did. I finally decided to eat a little something tonight. I had a lean pocket (pepperoni)...that was all....oh, and 3 large glasses of wine. Not the most nutritious meal, but it's good enough for today. I'm not really feeling like getting off of the couch...lovin' these pj pants, fuzzy socks and this blanket.
Didn't think my heart would have to go through this again...

Sorry for all the sad posts...I just feel like I am entitled to one day of feeling sorry for myself. :(


  1. So sorry about the breakup, but there will be better days ahead for you. Take good care of yourself. BTW--I'm enjoying following your blog.

  2. Awe, so sorry sweetie. Hang tough! It will get better.