Wednesday, January 19, 2011 2

Today was a pretty good day. I still fought the hunger bug for a lot of the day...really from after lunch until tonight I just wanted to eat. I wouldn't say that I was really hungry, just bored I guess, and wanted to eat stuff. Pretty sure that how I got to the point that I am at really now...eating just to eat...because it taste Good news is that I wasn't craving unhealthy food - there's always a silver lining! When I wanted a snack I chose healthy options; carrot sticks, pickles, and fat free yogurt. I had another black bean burger and more "faux mashed potatoes" for dinner. After I ate, I was craving something sweet, so had a banana with a little peanut butter and a very, very, very tiny drizzle of syrup. That took care of the sweet tooth.

I worked out in my living room tonight by playing Just Dance 2 on my Wii. It's sooooo much fun and I burn a ton of calories doing it. According to my BodyBugg, I burned 670 cal in a little over an hour tonight - and an hour of dancing goes by so fast! My total calories burned for the day, as of right now, is 2838...and I still have a little over an hour of the day left before it resets for tomorrow. My goal is to burn 3200 and to take in about 1250. I should come close to the 3200 by midnight...unfortunately, I did exceed my food calories, but only by about 150 cal.

I achieved my mini-goal of drinking 5 bottles of water today and will continue to reach it everyday.  My goal tomorrow is to exceed my calorie burn goal and NOT exceed my calories consumed! 

Thanks for reading! Good night!

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