Monday, January 24, 2011


GOOOOOOOOO MEEEEEEE! I just got back from the gym and I accomplished exactly what I wanted to do! I am soooooooooo excited!!!!! I did an hour of cardio on this thing...
If you've never been on one of these, you should. It's called an AMT machine. It's sort of like and elliptical, but it mimics various exercises based on your stride. For instance, a short stride will give you the effect of stair climbing, and a large stride will be more like a running motion. IT IS AWESOME! Such a good workout! I cannot believe I stayed on this thing for an hour...I did over 5 miles!!!

After I finished my cardio, I did an upper body workout....just like I planned!

So, after this very successful day, my calorie burn is 3362...more than 150 calories over my goal and I still have about 2.5 hrs before the count ends for today. I actually exceeded all of my BodyBugg goals...went way over my step count goal - 11,535 steps (my goal is 10,000)...and exceeded my activity goal by 45 min!

Tomorrow I'm going to a spin class that my friend is teaching and I may try Zumba tomorrow night. There was a class going on at the gym tonight and it looked like so much fun!


  1. That thing looks super intimidating. I'm sure it's fun to use, I just expect it to transform into a Decepticon.

  2. It's not as scary as it looks...I promise. It's actually pretty easy to use and is a super calorie killer!

  3. Is that like the Arc trainer? I really love that machine!
    Way to go you are on a roll!! (hold the butter) tee hee hee! :-) I crack myself up sometimes...LOL

  4. I'm not sure...I've never seen an Arc trainer so I just googled it. It looks very similar. I think it's a better workout than an elliptical :)