Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Scale has been Kidnapped!

Well, my roommate locked the scale up tonight. We're both dieting and agree that weighing everyday is not good for staying motivated and on track. I couldn't be trusted to not get on it, so it is now outside in the storage closet...hopefully I will not be soooo crazy that I go out there in the morning to pay it a visit. We've agreed that weigh-in day will be every Friday.

Today was a pretty good day. My body was feeling a little tired today, but I went to workout anyway. I did 30 mins on the AMT machine and then 50 mins on the elliptical. I kept a slower pace tonight, so my heart rate didn't get up as high as I wanted it too, but I'm proud of myself for going and pushing through the fatigue. I burned a little over 600 calories during my workout. All of my BodyBugg targets have been met today too...right now I'm at 3309 calories burned! One thing that I have learned from the BodyBugg is the calories burn benefit after a workout. My normal average calorie burn when I am not being active is around  2.2 - 2.5 calories per minute. During my workout my burn is usually anywhere between 8-12 calories per minute, depending on the intensity. Here's the really awesome part...for about an hour or two after my workout my burn stays between 4-6 calories per minute! That's at least twice as much as my normal burn! It's so cool to know what my body is doing and to know that I am still burning calories at a faster rate, long after my workout is done!

I thought it may be a good idea to start logging my food on here too, in case anyone is interested in what I'm eating to stay under 1200 calories per day...if I cheat, I promise I will put it on here too!

Michaelina's Lean Gourmet - Breakfast Muffin w/ Canadian Bacon, Egg and Cheese    -   180 cals

Smart One's - Salisbury Steak and Mac n' Cheese   -   280 cals

Mini Oreo Snack Pack (I had a sweet craving, but check out the calories - not too bad)   -   130 cals

Homemade Lentil Soup w/ Potatoes and Spinach - 199 cals
Open-face turkey sandwich on slice of Orowheat Thin w/ a wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese  - 180 cals

Blue Bell Frozen Yogurt - The Great Divide - 1/2 cup   -   110 cals


Total Calories Consumed:  1079

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