Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello Again...

Today is off to a good start! Had another Lean Gourmet Breakfast Muffin this morning with a bottle of water and had a grilled chicken salad w/ light balsmic vinegrette for lunch...yum yum!

Soooo Delicious!

After breakfast and lunch, my calories consumed are 456. That leaves me with 794 for the rest of the day! I'm going to try not to snack too much today so I can have a bigger calorie deficit to make up for going over a little the past 2 days.

Also, I have burned 1304 calories since midnight!! Yay!!! I've been trying to get up from my desk as much as possible today since sitting on my butt does not burn very many calories - I am alllll about running errands all over campus today!

Have I mentioned that I LOVE my Bodybugg???? I know I have - just thought I would say it again. I love seeing my progress through the day. It keeps me motivated to keep going and makes me aware of exactly what my body is doing. Another great feature the Bodybugg has is a "Step Count." It has a sort-of, built in pedometer. Right now, my daily step goal is set at 10,000 per day. I googled the distance that 10,000 steps equals and it's roughly 5 miles!!! I try my best to reach it everyday...I would say that so far, I hit it about 50% of the time and come pretty close the rest of the time (7500-8500 steps/day).

Weighing In:
I've decided that I am going to try my best to NOT get on the scale every morning. In the past, I have always thought of the scale as a motivator...when the numbers went down it kept me going; but, it also can be discouraging. I know that your body can fluctuate daily by a few pounds, but when I'm trying to lose weight, it's hard to see it go up...even if it is just water weight so, I am going to weigh-in once a week. Besides, I would much rather see 3 or 4 lbs lost at one weigh-in, rather than see -.3lbs, -.7lbs., etc....every morning.  :)


  1. I'm a big fan of weighing in once a week as opposed to everyday..definitely.

    It's easy to get discouraged by the scale so I agree..weekly is better. =)

    Good job so far..keep it up!

  2. Hi, coming over from my friend Kenz's blog! Good luck! I would love a BodyBugg too!

  3. Awesome looking blog - looks like you're doing things right in your quest to lose weight. Keep up the great work! Cheers, Rick