Sunday, January 30, 2011

The scale is back...

The scale was set free from the dark, depths of the storage closet...and it didn't seem very happy to be back in the bathroom. I thought that after all my hard work this week, I would see at least 3-4 lbs gone, but that didn't happen. I think the last time I weighed myself was on Tuesday and I had lost a total of 14 lbs. Guess what? I DIDN'T LOSE ONE SINGLE STINKIN' POUND! That is why the scale is evil - and I hate it!

I'm not going to get discouraged because I know that my hard work will eventually catch up with me and show on the scale. But Mr. Scale, you are headed back to the closet!

My scale is lucky that I didn't do this to it...


I didn't get to post my food last night, so here it goes:

Breakfast: (I skipped this yesterday...oops)

Lunch: Subway 6" Roasted Chicken on wheat bread (spicy mustard, lettuce, spinach, banana peppers, pickles, jalapenos, vinegar & pepper), Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge         366 cals

Snack: Blueberry Nutri-Grain Bar      130 cals

Snanck:  Grapefruit      96 cals

Dinner: Open-faced Peanut Butter & Jelly (on Orowheat sandwich thin w/ all-natural, no sugar added peanut butter and no sugar added jelly)      190 cals

2 glasses white wine      200 cals



  1. I think our scales have a pact against us! We will overcome :)

  2. Hi...I've just recently been following your blogs. I do enjoy it. However, since you've been writing down and totaling your calories, it doesn't appear you are eating enough. I don't know what you weight, but you should at least be eating 1200-1500 calories a day. Not eating enough is the same as eating too much...the weight won't come off. Up your calories a bit more and I'll bet you'll notice a different. Just saying! Congratulations on the weight you've lost...I know how hard it is!

  3. BeKay, my target calorie intake according to my BodyBugg should be around 1250 per day. I know I have been eating about 200 or 300 calories less than that each day, so I'm going to try to reach the 1250 everyday this week and see what happens. Hopefully the scale will want to make up and be friends ;)

  4. They told us at W/W last week also that if we don't eat enough we won't lose I'm betting that if you up your intake you will see happier results. Good luck!!