Thursday, May 26, 2011

Feeling Good!

Well, it's day 2 of Take Shape for Life and I am a little surprised to say that it is going really well! I expected to be hungry and maybe a little cranky, but I feel great! I had the Medifast Southwestern Eggs for breakfast and the Banana Creme Shake for my morning snack...both were pretty tasty. The eggs tasted pretty much like, well....eggs. I added a little hot sauce for some extra flavor. I liked the banana shake better than the chocolate one from yesterday...the banana ones tastes a little sweeter, but the after taste seemed to be a little stronger...nothing a few sips of water can't fix though!

I took a day off from working out yesterday - my whole body was is still hurting from Monday and Tuesday's workouts. I'm not sure what kind of torture Haley is going to come up with today, but I'm sure it will be pretty awful since we both rested yesterday. I'll be sure to update about this later!

Before I go, is anyone else having problems posting comments on blogs? I can't post comments on most blogs right now...including my own. It's frustrating...hopefully blogger gets this worked out soon. Yesterday, Holly, from Plush Belle asked me if I could post more details about Take Shape for Life and maybe start posting some pictures of the food...and since I can't comment back, I will have to answer those questions in this post. :)  

All of the details, such as pricing, can be found through the Take Shape for Life link. The average price for a box of food (7 meals) is around $16.50. Also, I will definitely start taking some pictures of the food after it is prepared.  :)


  1. You never know what I might throw in at the last minute...heehee

  2. Blogger was giving me a hard time last week, and this week seems to be working great. I'm thinking they do maintenance in batches, and that is why it is so random.

    Thanks for sharing the link and info. I'm going to check it out!