Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 3

Okay, so I'm on day 3 now, and I was told that the first 3 days on Medifast are the hardest to get through...I'm almost there! It really hasn't been bad at all...I haven't been too hungry and my energy level has been pretty good too. Yesterday went really well, I had my 5 Medifast meals and my Lean & Green meal for dinner (Grilled Chicken Breast w/ steamed broccoli) and a TON of water! I hate to say that this is pretty easy, but for me, it's been pretty easy so far. I love that there's not a whole lot of thought that has to go into what I am going to eat during the day.

Now, I know that there will be challenges and tempations that will this weekend...Memorial Weekend and my birthday. In my family, and I'm sure in most families, Holidays = "Food Fest" and birthdays always come with cake....and sometimes ice cream...usually preceded by some sort of delicious meal. So, I guess my real test will be this weekend. I am NOT going to get off my plan, not even for a piece of birthday cake. I mean, it's not like I will never get to have cake again in my life...and is a 32nd birthday really a big deal anyways? I'm not exactly thrilled to be getting

Ok, now on to yesterday's workout.  Haley and I had a really good one...or bad, depending on how you look at it. Good, because we burned a TON of calories and bad because, well, it hurt.

Workout: "Shut Your Mouth When You're Talking to Me!"

The "various forms of torture" were pretty bad...

The title of the workout fit it perfectly, because by the time it was over, we were both saying things that didn't make a lot of sense!

I'm sure today's workout will be a "good" one too...gotta make it count before the long weekend!

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  1. Found your blog whilst searching for weight loss blogs!
    Firstly, I found out today what torture felt like all over again! I can sympathise!!!
    LOL on the shut the mouth Vid! Might use that one on the kids!
    Caz =D