Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Getting back on track...

Ugghhh! I have got to get with it! These past few weeks have been really tough...and have really stalled my progress. I knew all the Mardi Gras temptation would be hard to pass up...and it was. I was able to make some good choices here and there, but also made some not so good choices too. I guess life happens sometimes and you just have to find a balance with enjoying life and staying on track. Tomorrow is a new day - back to healthy eating and exercising. I'm headed back to New Orleans this weekend, but it will be a much more relaxed trip. I'm going to make smarter choices and not over-indulge. I'm going to get in some good workouts between now and this weekend, and make sure a get a few good walks in while I'm there. Also, I'm going to blog daily, instead of leaving all of my readers in the cold for the weekend, then, come next week, it's back to some hard workouts and no more slip-ups for awhile! :)

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  1. Hey there- Sounds like you have a good plan of action. You are tenacious and you can do this!